People are always asking me exactly what I do. People I meet at networking events; prospective clients; friends who knew me as an English teacher; puzzled family members…

Beyond saying a general “I help busy people to use their time better”, it’s not a very easy question to answer succinctly (must work on my elevator pitch) as I do so many different things for my clients. So to help with the answer, I just took a look over my Toggl* report for the last 48 hours and jotted down the main items.

So to give you a better idea of what I do and how I might be able to help you, this is what I’ve done for my clients in the last couple of days, in no particular order:


Liaised with other service providers on different projects
Emails and calls with an e-learning company, a graphic designer and various web designers.

Compiled, formatted and sent out a weekly newsletter
Based on information in a series of emails. This one was a straightforward email, but I also use Mailchimp and AWeber and have a basic knowledge of Infusionsoft.

Resolved a WordPress issue
Emails and a phone call with a hosting company to help solve a website problem.

Proofread academic assignments and course content
I offer proofreading for postgraduate students and colleges/universities (and anyone who needs to ensure the content they’re putting out is accurate)

Wrote a blog post
Based on notes and interview questions.

Assisted in the recruitment process 
Reading CVs, arranging candidate interviews and contacting unsuccessful applicants.

Did some Internet research
And collated and presented results/content.

File organisation
Downloaded and unzipped web files; uploaded to shared Google Drive; organised in folders; checked for missing content.


This variety is one of the many reasons why I love being a virtual assistant (that old cliche of ‘no two days are the same’ is true for me – I’m never bored!). But there’s a bit of a theme to what I do – it’s all about communication, accuracy and problem solving.

If you’re looking for someone professional, organised and experienced to help you with your business admin, ‘techie’ web-based tasks and/or written and visual communication, do get in touch. Your one-hour consultation (either over the phone, via Skype or in person if local) is completely free with no obligation. I’m looking forward to finding out about you and your business and showing you how I can help.


* Toggl is the desktop/mobile app I use to track my time, so I can keep track of my clients’ hours and bill everyone accurately. It’s invaluable. (I’m not an affiliate; it’s just a great tool.)

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