Happy clients

Feedback and testimonials from the people I work with

"I would not have been able to do the keyword work or shape the text as you did. Much appreciated!"

Website SEO, December 2017


"Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into this document. I love your ideas. You are very good. I’m impressed."

"This is the best-looking Annual Review we’ve had. There was considerable content in this, but you’ve included it all while keeping the design clean and uncluttered."


Designing, formatting and creating graphics for 34 page document, September 2017

"Thanks Amy! You have been a complete star on this project - as usual! You are a safe pair of hands and I feel incredibly lucky to know and work with you."

Proofreading, editing and formatting a 30-page consultation document, March 2017

"Thanks Amy, great job! So glad we found you."

Assisting with the recruitment process, July 2017

"Great sales pages copy - you are writing the copy as well as I would. I was thrilled to see such good copy! (Don't go away Amy - I want you on my team!)"

Writing copy for online sales pages, July 2017

"You have made a big difference and I feel at last we have all parts singing from the same sheet. I thought the mailshot in particular was brilliant."

Supporting a third sector organisation with marketing, January 2017

"Amy is thoroughly reliable with the administrative skills you would expect, but also the egoless ability to really listen and understand what is needed and deliver on it, very efficiently."

"This is absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for this - it's outstanding and way better than anything I'd imagined."


Creating elearning modules, February 2017


"Just some quick feedback - your review of Module 6 was excellent, you picked up on some things that everyone in the office had missed. Thank you!"


Proofing elearning content, June 2017


"One word: Wow! How on earth did you manage to knock out over 100 words from such a short piece and still have it say the same thing? I haven't lost anything."


Reducing word count for a summary, April 2017

"Amy, this was incredibly useful and you totally 'got it'. Thank you so much!"

Reviewing online survey questionnaire, July 2017


Carole Arvanitis

Director at Newlann Mystery Shopping

"I have been working with Amy since September 2016. Amy has proved to be an excellent VA – a quick learner, totally reliable and great communication skills. Amy doesn’t just complete tasks, she clearly cares about what she does and her initiative and willingness to point out issues has been extremely useful to me. Amy has been a real asset to my business and I have no hesitation in recommending her. "

5 June 2017

Huw Johns

Independent marketing consultant

"I want to thank you for helping with assignments for two clients recently. It wasn’t until I had a one to one with you that I realised you are more of a ‘digital buddy’ than a PA. So, when I needed to create some email templates for videos for a client, you came to mind straight away. As a busy blogger and copywriter, I will no doubt utilise your skills as proof reader in the future. Finally, thank you for your work cleaning a set of lists for an industrial client. This is a long haul of a job, but you did it on time and efficiently. Thank you to my digital buddy. Two great jobs done."

5 January 2018

John Brennan

Education marketing, branding and visioning specialist

"Amy's work for Glove Marketing has been an absolute god send! I was nervous about hiring a virtual assistant but I have found Amy to be more effective and flexible because she is NOT based in our office. I can highly recommend her."

17 May 2017

Lindsay Cordery-Bruce

CEO The Wallich

“I had the privilege of working with Amy when I needed an extra pair of hands and someone who could manage a varied portfolio. This woman is an absolute godsend. She’s the kind of person who will listen to what you want and then go and make it happen, with a smile on her face. If she doesn’t know something, she goes and finds out. She’ll bring you options and solutions – there’s also a big chance she’ll come up with ideas you hadn’t even thought of!

Amy can literally turn her hand to anything – she is a very gifted individual. She can develop systems, project manage, research, design, market and strategically plan. Do not underestimate the value of what she can bring to your business. I warn you – you might want to clone her!”

20 April 2018

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