As well as doing regular work for clients, I also package some of my popular services as one-off projects.

So if you’re looking for something specific, rather than a retainer contract, take a look at my standard packages below, or contact me to discuss a tailor made project.

Website SEO (search engine optimisation)

You’ve got a perfectly good website (or maybe an okay website that just needs a few tweaks!), but you’re not getting the leads you’d like.

I can do an SEO audit to see what could be improved – and then put the plan into action, increasing your website visitors and the number of enquiries you get.

Audit: £75
SEO setup: £250
Purchase both together for £285 [save £40]

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you. I have had some amazing jobs come in this week – and all from seeing my website. Even calls from Cardiff and Bristol, which I don’t normally get. Thank you so much for sorting out my website.” Irene Quelch 

Landing or sales page

You’ve got a website, but you need a sales page for a specific product or launch. Something you can direct people to from your website or from your social media marketing posts. Maybe you want to get people to sign up for a new course, a daily challenge or a membership site – or attend an event.

I’ll design and build a standalone page, branded with your logo and colour scheme, using your copy or copy I produce (though usually this ends up being a collaboration!).

Page design and build, including proofreading: £100*
Page design and build, including copy writing/editing: £150*

* You will need to purchase a platform for me to build your page on – there are options available to suit different budgets.

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