About me

Hi, I’m Amy Richards. I’m based in Cardiff, South Wales, but as I work remotely I work with clients all over the UK.

My background is in web design, education (I taught English and Media for 12 years) and administration. If you’re looking for someone visually creative, efficient and accurate, and good with tech and strategic thinking, you’re in the right place. I’ll listen to what you want, pay attention to detail and bring a creative approach to problem solving in your business.

What my clients say about working with me…

“In the ever changing world of business, business owners are expected to be experts in absolutely everything. Now I’m passionate about knowing how to do everything in my business and having the skills to deliver what’s needed. I hate outsourcing. Why spend money on things that you can probably learn to do yourself? So I surprised myself when I asked Amy to give me a hand setting up a sales funnel for my new business.

I knew I could set it up myself, but that’s about all I could do with it. However with Amy at the helm it’s been done properly, it’s been done to a high standard, it’s been done with style and it delivers.

As the only person to ever prove to me that outsourcing has value, all I can do is recommend Amy Richards.”

Gavin Hill-John

Business Coach at Talkskills

“I had the privilege of working with Amy when I needed an extra pair of hands and someone who could manage a varied portfolio. This woman is an absolute godsend. She’s the kind of person who will listen to what you want and then go and make it happen, with a smile on her face. If she doesn’t know something, she goes and finds out. She’ll bring you options and solutions – there’s also a big chance she’ll come up with ideas you hadn’t even thought of!

Amy can literally turn her hand to anything – she is a very gifted individual. She can develop systems, project manage, research, design, market and strategically plan. Do not underestimate the value of what she can bring to your business. I warn you – you might want to clone her!”

Lindsay Cordery-Bruce

CEO The Wallich

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you. I have had some amazing jobs come in this week – and all from seeing my website. Even calls from Cardiff and Bristol, which I don’t normally get. All security issues were resolved too. Thank you so much for sorting out my website.”

Irene Quelch

Small business owner

“I want to thank you for helping with assignments for two clients recently. It wasn’t until I had a one to one with you that I realised you are more of a ‘digital buddy’ than a PA. So, when I needed to create some email templates for videos for a client, you came to mind straight away. As a busy blogger and copywriter, I will no doubt utilise your skills as proof reader in the future. Thank you to my digital buddy. Two great jobs done.”

Huw Johns

Independent marketing consultant