Regular monthly support packages

If you’re looking for regular, ongoing support for your business, rather than a one-off project, you can arrange to work with me on a monthly contract basis.

Rather than paying a project fee you’ll pay an hourly rate for an agreed number of hours each month.

A retainer works well if you need regular/ongoing support with:

  • Keeping your website updated
  • Putting out regular blog posts and/or email newsletter
  • Keeping your social media automation updated
  • Your email marketing / sales funnel
  • Maintaining and updating your membership site or online courses

Hourly rate

My hourly rate for VA work is £30. I track my time, round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and send you a time report with your invoice each month, so you can see a full breakdown of how the time has been spent, allowing you to plan and adjust accordingly.


If you know you’re likely to need me for a set amount of hours each month, a retainer is the best solution.  We agree a minimum number of hours per month, billed monthly. You don’t have to worry about spiralling costs, and extra hours can always be added if needed (subject to my availability).