Regular monthly support packages

If you’re looking for regular, ongoing support for your business, rather than a one-off project, you can arrange to work with me on a monthly basis.

You’ll pay an hourly rate for an agreed number of hours each month.

A retainer works well if you need regular/ongoing support with:

  • Keeping your website updated
  • Putting out regular blog posts and/or email newsletter
  • Keeping your social media automation updated
  • Your email marketing / sales funnel
  • Editing and publishing podcast episodes

My hourly rate

My hourly rate for VA work is £35. I track my time, round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes.

How a retainer works

If you know you’re likely to need help with your business on an ongoing basis, a retainer is the best solution. We agree a set number of hours per month, which will be billed monthly. You have peace of mind, knowing you’ve secured my availability.

I send you a time report with your invoice each month, so you can see a full breakdown of how the time has been spent, allowing us to plan and adjust accordingly.

How my clients feel about working with me…

Amy is a very gifted individual. She can develop systems, project manage, research, design, market and strategically plan. She’ll bring you options and solutions – and come up with ideas you hadn’t even thought of! Do not underestimate the value of what she can bring to your business.

Lindsay Cordery-Bruce

CEO The Wallich

“Amy is one of those rare jewels of people you meet in life. Thorough, creative and in your corner. Her skills are more vast than you would at first realise and for those wanting to grow an online business and engage your audience then look no further. She will get in the creative circle with you, and then implement it for you – big result all round. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Angela Durrant

Speaking and voice coach

“Amy is an incredible VA. She has eye for detail and has gone above and beyond for me and the team many times. After two years, it’s a joy to say how much I love working with her and long for it to continue as long as possible.”

Suzy Ashworth

Mindset and Messaging Mentor